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Format: Mark III
From: Sega
Year of Release: 1987
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Zillion II

Akai Koudan Zillion
(Red Photon Zillion)
"Zillion II: The Tri Formation" (UK/USA)

Once again your friends have been captured, this time by the evil Baron Ricks. So it's up to JJ to ride his transforming motorbike into the enemy base and save them.

There are two parts to The Tri Formation. The first is the scrolling bike section. In this the screen constantly scrolls to the right with you in control of JJ as he shoots baddies out of the way and jumps pits and electric floor traps. There are also items to collect such as the Z icon which upgrades your gun or the A icon which allows you to transform the bike into a flying battle suit.

The second part is the platform section. Here you run around shooting baddies and using lifts in order to find and rescue one of the captives. At the end of each one of these sections you fight a boss. Defeat him and you go on to the next bike section.

So what's it like? Well the bike sections are some what long. The first bike section only features two different enemies but two more are added to the roster with each subsequent level. The action is rather dull in both sections too. At the time of release Zillion II wasn't very well received so it's likely to have gotten worse over the years.

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