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Format: Gameboy
From: Tomy
Year of Release: 1994
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Yu Yu Hakusho

Makai Touitsu
Demon ??)
NOTE: This Gameboy game is one of the few titles that were enhanced for the "Super Gameboy" adaptor. What this means is when played on a mono Gameboy this game is black & white but when played on a Super Famicom with the Super Gameboy adaptor the graphics will be in
colour (from a very, very small pallete of colours). However this is different to
it being a Gameboy Colour game which had a much larger pallete and were
incompatible with the older B/W model Gameboys.

Tomy goes back to the Tournament Fighting genre.

There are two main options the normal game and the all girl sd battle.

The normal tournament game is similar to the first Gamboy Yu Yu Hakusho game. You select a character from three and then go to battle. The main difference from the first is that there are no platforms to jump on.

The all girl SD battle is a similar game to the second Yu Yu fighting game. You choose your fighter from a selection of four girls. You then face the computer in a one move-one round Super Deformed battle. This is a far more enjoyable game than the proper version.

In conclusion the last Gameboy Yu Yu Hakusho game and definitely the weakest. The SD battle saves it from being totally bad but its still not enough to make it worth buying.

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