Vist Genki!

Format: Gameboy
From: Bandai
Year of Release: 1994
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Crayon Shin Chan 3

Ora no Gokigen Athletic

A complete change from the previous Gameboy outings.

Shin Chan 3 is a collection of varied and odd mini games linked together by a world map. Success in a game will reward you with an item which will unlock more of the map and give you access to further games.

The games include looking up girl's skirts to spot the real woman (and not Bo on stilts or worse Mitsuki!), collecting numbered books in the correct order and dog racing.

The anime series' crude sense of humour elevates this game somewhat and the variation of the mini games makes this far more enjoyable than the previous uninspired platform offerings. Worth a look for Shin Chan fans.

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