Vist Genki!

Format: WonderSwan Color
From: Bandai
Year of Release: 2002
Onscreen Language: Japanese
Campaign 1 - Banner 2

From TV animation One Piece

Treasure Wars 2- Buggy Land He Yokoso
(Welcome to Buggy Land)

Almost exactly the same as it's predessor. Different plot and slightly improved graphics but otherwise little to diferentiate gameplay-wise.

That's not to say Treasure Wars 2 is any less enjoyable just little changed; still "choose your character and attempt to reach the treasure/defeat the boss before one of the other COM characters beat you to it".

As before the number of game squares you move is controlled by a role of the dice and,as before, it seems like for ever for your turn to come around again.

More fun played in 'Party Mode' with friends than in single player and you needn't worry too much about the Japanese text as it's fairly easy to work out.

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