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Format: Gameboy
From: Takara
Year of Release: 1991
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Armored Police Metal Jack

Kikou Keisatsu Metal Jack
(Armored Police Metal Jack)

An unremarkable and by-the-book strategy game the goal of which is to clear each stage of the criminal groups with the help of Red, Silver and Blue Jacks plus their car and android dog.

The action is controlled via menus with all the usual commands; "Move", "Attack, "Statistics" etc but unlike most you don't carry items. If you need to heal a member of your team you have to get them to a hospital. Aside from this it's exactly what you'd expect.

The graphics are unappealingly drab. The dull game-board style play area is an unwelcoming sight and the battles are flat, playing out without any animation. If an attack is successful all you see is the victim's image shake, dodging an attack; likewise.

The music is inoffensive and the sound effects fit but nothing about the game stands out. Strategy by the numbers. It's still somewhat better than the truly awful Super Famicom version released a year later!

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