Vist Genki!

Format: Mega Drive
From: Sega
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Mazinger Z

"Mazin Wars" (UK),
"Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter" (USA)

A scrolling beat-em-up with you controlling Mazinger Z.

As you can see the sprites are a little small but they are very well animated. You start the level as a human size Mazinger Z as he battles his way through the bad guys armed with a sword. From time to time you get attacked by the giant enemy that you will later face as the boss.

The controls are the usual beat-em-up fare. 'A' is used for your special attack which drains your energy, 'B' is attack and 'C' is jump. But when you face the boss it all changes. You grow larger than the buildings and battle the boss enemy in a 'Street fighter 2' style one-on-one.

The game is quite good fun. The use of the differing sizes is a very good idea and all the sprites are well animated. The only problem is that it is a little bit tough and can get a little repetitive.

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