Vist Genki!

Format: WonderSwan
From: UpStar
Year of Release: 2000
Onscreen Language: Japanese


True Love Song

A dull graphic adventure/romance sim that takes place in the Macross universe. Set in the year 2043 you play the role of new recruit Reiji.

The gameplay is fairly straight forward. Skip through reams and reams of Japanese text until you get to a mulitple choice. There are only ever two options, make your selection and repeat. The game is set over several months and is played out day by day. Your goal is to maintain your popularity with the girls while surviving the odd turn based space battle that infrequently pop up.

True Love Song is a black and white game. The backgrounds are well rendered but the character designs are little more than average and what little animation there is, is limited to the battle scenes. As far as the music and sound go there's nothing much to mention; there's the odd digitised sound effect but little else of note.

Due to there vast amount of Japanese text and the limited player interaction I would only recommend this game to the most die-hard Macross Collector.

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