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Format: PC-98
From: Family Soft
Year of Release: 1991
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Remember Me

A good fun strategy game based on the events of Macross.

The game opens with a short, animated sequence filling in the backstory. Once this finishes you can choose to start and new game or load your previous progress.

You control the SDF Macross's bridge. You decide which squadrons and fleets etc go where. The main problem is the depth of this game. It's huge! There's screen after screen of stats and destinations all of which are in Japanese.

While it is possible to muddle through, it will take quite a while to learn them all. Having said that most of the actions are pretty instinctive. You click on the SDF-1 button to get a (Japanese) list of troops at you command. You then choose the one you want, the squadron and where to send them to. Moving them is simply done by clicking 'move' and then choosing who to send where.

The graphics are a bit basic as most of it is static images. The battles are slightly animated, with the missiles and lasers firing back and forth. After the battle you receive all damage and loss reports. The music changes through out in accordance with the action.

One of the earliest Macross games and one of the few non-shoot-em-up entries, Macross: Remember Me is a good game, it's just a shame it's all in Japanese!

The first disk of this game can be used in conjunction with the later PC98 game 'Skull Leader' to unlock new missions!

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