Vist Genki!

Format: Arcade
From: Banpresto
Year of Release: 1996
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Macross Plus


An arcade shooter very loosely based on Macross Plus. This is a game for one or two players. 

This time the action goes back to the top-down style of the first Macross arcade although it's no where near as good as that game. 

You get to choose your character (and thereby your Jet) from three characters; Isamu Dyson, Guild and an unidentified female pilot. Isamu flies the VF-19, Guild has the VF-21 and the female uses the VF-11. Each Jet has it's own standard and special attacks. The VF-11 is by far the easiest to play with as it has a huge amount of forward fire power.

As I just mentioned each Jet has a normal attack and a bomb attack but it also has a missile attack. You unleash this by holding down the normal fire button and then highlighting all the enemies you can with the sight that appears. Simply release the fire button and enjoy a trademark Macross missile storm!

The standard attack can be upgraded and more bombs collected by collecting power-ups dropped by special enemies. You can gain side missiles that join your standard attack this way too. Other, rather hard to find, power-ups transform your fighter into Gerwalk and, presumably, Battroid mode.

Unfortunately the game is extremely tough. There are loads of fast moving enemies constantly filling the screen with bullets. And if that wasn't bad enough the movement of your jet is extremely sensitive making it difficult to fly through the constant barrage of attacks.

Add to this the rather ropy animation and you don't have a very good game. It's also a shame that the gameplay has nothing to do with the series. In fact the only thing tying the game to the show is the two characters who appeared in it, the rest is just standard and rushed shoot-em-up stuff.

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