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Format: PC-98
From: FamilySoft
  Year of Release: 1994
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Love Stories

A cross between a dating sim and an indepth war strategy game.

You move your character around the many locations within the SDF Macross talking to the various people that you meet. During these 'Click-Adventure' scenes the objective is to meet one of the game's female cast and go on a date. You'll meet the many stars of the Macross saga along the way who'll give you advice.

Suddenly your date will be interupted by an attack from the Zentreadi. Here the game switches into the indepth strategy section. I should stress just how indepth it is. Via Japanese text buttons you must order the vast array of units at your command around the 'board' with the goal of destorying all the enemy units. There are so many commands, stats etc that it is very difficult to command the troops without a good grasp of the language.

Love Stories is a very well put together PC game. The graphics are very well drawn and the presentation is top-notch. The music changes constantly; between locales but to best effect during the space battles- highlighting the action perfectly.

There is a little disk swapping but not too much and no where near the amount of the previous PC-98 Macross titles.

To sum up... the adventure sections are a breeze compared to the war scenarios. Strategy fans with a knowledge of Japanese should check it out while all other Macross fans should proceed with caution.

Note:- Also re-released in a compilation pack with Skull Leader. In this set both games have re-designed interfaces.

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Comments or suggestions?
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