Vist Genki!

Format: Gameboy
From: Tomy
Year of Release: 1997
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Mach Go Go Go

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NOTE: This Gameboy game is one of the few titles that were enhanced for the "Super Gameboy" adaptor. What this means is when played on a mono Gameboy this game is black & white but when played on a Super Famicom with the Super Gameboy adaptor the graphics will be in colour (from a very, very small pallete of colours). However this is different to it being a Gameboy Colour game which had a much larger pallete and were incompatible with the older B/W model Gameboys.

A racing game in the style of Sega's arcade classic 'Hot Rod' based on the most recent TV series.

A simple looking racing game with standard music. Choose the track to race on, against the computer or a friend. The race is viewed top down and there are obsticles to avoid. After the race you can use your winnings to buy new parts for your car. A reasonable game.

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