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Famicom Disk System, "Ultraman: Kaijuu Teikoku no Gyakushuu
(Counterattack of Monster Empire)", N/A
Bandai, 1986, Y3300
(Action Game)

Famicom Disk System, "Ultraman 2 XXX", N/A
Bandai, Y3300
(Action Game)

Famicom Disk System, "Ultraman Club chikyuudatsukan", N/A
Bandai, Y3300
(Role-Playing Game)

Famicom, "Ultraman Club 2", N/A
Bandai, Y???

Famicom, "Ultraman Club 3", N/A
Yutaka, 1991, Y???
(Role-Playing Game)

Super Famicom, "Ultraman", "Ultraman: Towards the Future"
Bandai, 4/6/91, Y7800
(Fighting Game)
This game was somewhat modified for US release. (I think the monsters
were changed to fit the Towards the Future series, produced in
Australia in English. By most reports, neither version is very good.)

Super Famicom, "Ultra Seven", N/A
Bandai, 3/26/93, Y8800
(Fighting Game [?])

Sufami Turbo, "SD Ultra Battle Seven Legend", N/A
Bandai, 1996, Y???
(Fighting Game)

Sufami Turbo, "SD Ultra Battle Ultraman Legend", N/A
Bandai, 1996, Y???
(Fighting Game)
Almost the same game with some different characters.

Mega Drive, "Ultraman", N/A
MA-BA, 4/9/93, Y5800
(Fighting Game)

3DO, "Ultraman Powered", N/A
Bandai, Y???
(Fighting Game)
The Ultraman Powered TV series was produced in the US in English under
the title "Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero", but has never been released in

Gameboy, "Ultraman", N/A
Bec, 1991, Y???
(Fighting Game)

Gameboy, "Ultraman Club", N/A
Bandai, 1990, Y???
(Strategy Game)

Gameboy, "Ultraman Ball", N/A
Bec, 1994, Y???
(Action Game)

Gameboy, "Ultraman Choutoshi Gekiden", N/A
Angel, 1994, Y???
(Action Game)

Saturn, "Ultraman Zukan (Picture Book)", N/A
Kodansha, T-25501G, 9/13/96, Y6800
(Not a game)

Super Famicom, "Jissen Pachi-slot hisshouhou! Twin vol. 2", N/A
Sammy, 1997, Y???
Ultraman slot was included in this game

Saturn, "Ultraman Zukan (Picture Book) 2 (?)", N/A
???, 12/18/97, Y6800
(Not a game)

Saturn, "Ultraman Battle", N/A
Bandai, Y???
(Polygon Fighting Game)

Pippin, "Action Designer Ultraman", N/A
Bandai, Y5800
(Digital rubber stamp set)

Playstation, "Ultraman: Fighting Evolution", N/A
Banpresto, SLPS 01248, 2/19/98, Y6800
Banpresto, SLPS 91145, 7/29/99, Y2800
(3D Fighting Game)

Gameboy, "Cult Master1", N/A
???, 3/93, Y3500
(Quiz Game?)

Famicom, "Ultraman Club", N/A
Angel, 12/25/??, Y6800
(Action Game)

Playstation, "Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna New Generations", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01455, 7/16/98, Y5800
(Fighting Game)

Saturn, "Ultraman Hikari no Kyojin Densetsu (Ultraman Legend of Light
Giant)", B/A
Bandai, T-13308G, 12/20/96, Y7800
(Fighting Game)

Playstation, "Ultraman Zearth", N/A
Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, SLPS 00652, 12/20/96, Y5800
(Board Game)

Playstation, "PD Ultraman Invader", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00195, 12/22/95, Y4800
(Space Invaders clone)

Nintendo 64, "PD Ultraman Battle Collection 64", N/A
Bandai, 7/16/99, Y6800
(Growth Sim/Battle Game)

Playstation, "Jissen Pachi-slot hisshouhou! 5", N/A
Sammy/Maxbet, SLPS 00794, 11/27/97, Y5800
Ultra Seven slot was included in this game

Playstation, "Jissen Pachi-slot hisshouhou! Sammy Revolution", N/A
Sammy/Maxbet, SLPS 01437, 6/25/98, Y6300
Ultraman Club 3 slot was included in this game

PSX/KidsStation, "KidsStation bokura asobou! Ultraman TV KidsStation
controller set", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 02872, 9/21/00, Y5800 (with KidsStation controller)

PSX/KidsStation, "KidsStation bokura asobou! Ultraman TV", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 02873, 9/21/00, Y3800

MSX2, "Urotsukidjoi", N/A
Fairytale, 1990, Y6800
(Adult Adventure)
Released on four 3.5" floppy disks.

PC88, "Urotsukidoji", N/A
Fairytale, 1990, Y6800
(Adult Adventure)

PC98, "Urotsukidjoi", N/A
Fairytale, 1990, Y6800
(Adult Adventure)

X68000, "Urotsukidjoi", N/A
Fairytale, 1990, Y6800
(Adult Adventure)
All games are the same. The MSX2 version has inferior graphics to the other two. Uses different character designs from both the Manga & Anime.

Famicom, "Urusei Yatsura: Wedding Bells for Lum", N/A
Jaleco, JF-10, 10/23/86, Y4900
(Platform Game)

MSX2, "Urusei Yatsura", N/A
Microcabin, 1987, Y6800/Y7800
(Adventure Game)
This game was first released on disk and later re-released on
cartridge. The two prices reflect this.

PC Engine CD, "Urusei Yatsura--Stay With You", N/A
Hudson Soft HCD 0011~0012, 6/29/90, Y6500
(Digital Comic)

Gameboy, "Urusei Yatsura MISU Tomobiki wo Sagase!", N/A
YANOMAN, 1992, DMG-UYJ, Y???
(3-D Adventure Role-Playing Game)

Mega CD, "Urusei Yatsura-Dear My Friends", N/A
Game Arts, T-45064, 1994, Y7800
(Digital Comic)

Famicom, "Ushio and Tora", N/A
Yutaka/Bandai, 1993, Y7800
(Role Playing)

Super Famicom, "Ushio and Tora", N/A
Yutaka, 1/22/93, Y8800
(Action Game)

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