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PC Engine, "Daichi-kun Crisis", N/A

"Battle Athletes" in the US; one of the translators really should have figured out that "-ess" means something, and not deleted it.)

Saturn, "Daiundoukai Battle Athletess", N/A
Increment P Corp., T-24601G, Y???
Technically, the game came first for this one, but it doesn't seem like
typical game-based anime and they were probably both planned at the
same time.

Playstation, "Battle Athletess Daiundoukai Alternative", N/A
AIC/Increment P Corp., SLPS 01133, 1/15/98, Y5800
(Growth Simulation)

Playstation, "Battle Athletess Daiundokai GTO", N/A
AIC/Increment P. Corp., SLPS 01548, 1/14/99, Y5800
(3D Racing)

Playstation, "Major Wave Series Battle Athletess Daiundoukai
Alternative", N/A
Hamster/Increment P. Corp., SLPM 86525, 5/25/00, Y1500
(Growth Simulation)

Playstation, "Major Wave Series Battle Athletess Daiundoukai GTO", N/A
Hamster/Increment P. Corp., SLPM 86526, 7/27/00, Y1500
(3d Racing)

PC98, "Youjuu Kyoushitsu", N/A
Dez Climax, 1994, Y????
(Adult Adventure)
Often mistaken as a sequel to La Blue Girl, the only other release from Dez Climax.

Playstation, "Detective Conan", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01690, 11/19/98, Y5800
Bandai, SLPS 91170, 11/18/99, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Adventure Game)

Wonder Swan, "Detective Conan Majutsushi no chousenjo!", N/A
Bandai, SWJ-BAN020, 8/5/99, Y3600
(Adventure Game)

Gameboy Color, "Detective Conan ~Karakuri jiin satsujin jiken~", N/A
Banpresto, 2/25/00, Y4500
(Adventure Game)

Gameboy Color, "Detective Conan ~kigantou hihou densetsu~", N/A
Banpresto, 3/31/00, Y4500
(Adventure Game)

Arcade, "Detective Conan Original Version", N/A

Wonder Swan, "Detective Conan nishinomeitantei saidainogigi!?", N/A
Bandai, SWJ-BAN027, 7/27/00, Y3800
(Adventure Game)

Playstation, "Detective Conan 3-nin no meisuiri", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 02804, 8/10/00, Y5800
(Adventure Game)

Mega CD, "Detonator Orgun", N/A
Hot-B, 7/31/92, Y7800
(Adventure Game)

[Game and Anime released simultaneously]
Mega CD, "Devastator", N/A
Telenet Japan/Wolf Team, 5/ 28/93, Y7800
(Action Game)
A Super Famicom game was also in developement but was cancelled.

[The games and anime were apparently planned simultaneously]

Mega Drive, "Devil Hunter Yoko (the seven bells)", N/A
NCS, 3/22/91, Y6500
(Action Game)
Not locked out.

PC Engine CD, "Devil Hunter Yoko Makai kara no Tenkosei", N/A
Masaya, 3/13/92, Y6800
(Adventure Game)

PC Engine SCD, "Devil Hunter Yoko [kanji]", N/A
Masaya, 1/8/93, Y7200
(Adventure Game)

Famicom, "Devilman", N/A
Namco, 1989, Y???
(Platform Adventure)

Playstation, "Devilman", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 02275, 4/13/00, Y5800

Unknown, "Life Game of Digiko", N/A
Takara, Y5800
Due January 2000.

Gameboy Color, "Mah-Jong Party of Digiko", N/A
King Record, 12/8/00, Y3980

Famicom Disk System, "Dirty Pair" (?), N/A
Bandai, 1987, Y????
(Action Game)

Famicom, "Dodge Danpei", N/A
Sunsoft, 3/28/92, Y6500
(Dodgeball game)

Famicom, "Dodge Danpei 2", N/A
Sunsoft, 3/26/93, Y6800
(Dodgeball game (?))

Super Famicom, "Dodge Danpei", N/A
Sunsoft, 7/31/92, Y8500
(Dodgeball game)

Gameboy, "Dodge Danpei", N/A
Hudson Soft, 4/24/92, Y4500
(Cinematic Dodgeball)

PC Engine, "Dodge Danpei", N/A
Hudson, 9/25/92, Y6500
(Cinematic Dodgeball)

Gameboy, "Doraemon", N/A
Epoch Co., Ltd., 1991, Y???

Gameboy, "Doraemon 2: Legend of Animal Planet", N/A
Epoch Co., Ltd., 1992, Y???

Famicom, "Doraemon", N/A
Hudson, 12/13/86, Y5500
(Action Game)

Famicom, "Doraemon Gigazombie no Gyakushuu (Doraemon Gigazombie's
Counterattack)", N/A
Epoch, 1990, Y6800
(Role-Playing Game)

PC Engine, "Doraemon Maze Strategy (Meikyuu Daisakusen)", "Crater Maze"
Hudson, 10/31/89, Y4900
(Puzzle Game)

PC Engine, "Doraemon Nobita no Dorabian Night", N/A
Hudson, 12/16/91, Y5800
(Action Game)

PC Engine SCD, "Doraemon Nobita no Dorabian Night", N/A
Hudson, 5/29/92, Y4800
(Action Game)
This is a CD version of the previous game.

Mega Drive, "Doraemon, The Dream Thief and the Seven Gozansu", N/A
Sega, 3/26/93, Y6800
(Action Game)
Region locked

Super Famicom, "Doraemon Nobita to Yousei no Kuni", N/A
Epic [kanji], 2/19/93, Y8000

Game Gear, "GG Doraemon Nara no Suke no Yabou", N/A
Sega, 4/29/93, Y3500
(Action Game)

Super Famicom, "Doraemon 2: Nobita's Toys Land Adventure", N/A
Epoch Co., Ltd., 1993, Y???
(Action Game)

Super Famicom, "Doraemon 3: Nobita and Time's Gem", N/A
Epoch Co., Ltd., SHVC-4T, 1994, Y???
Epoch Co., Ltd., 693693, 11/1/97, Y1000 (rerelease)
(Action Game)

Super Famicom, "Doraemon 4: Nobita and Moon Kingdom", N/A
Epoch Co., Ltd., SHVC-AD4J, 1995, Y???
Epoch Co., Ltd., 606740, 11/1/97, Y1000 (rerelease)
(Action Game)

Playstation, "Doraemon Nobita to Fukkatsu no Hoshi", N/A
Epoch, SLPS 00233, 2/16/96, Y5800
Epoch, SLPS 01726, 12/3/98, Y2800 (rerelease)

Playstation, "Doraemon 2 SOS! Otogi no Kuni", N/A
Epoch, SLPS 00628, 2/21/97, Y5800
Epoch, SLPS 02369, 11/2/99, Y2800
(Action Game)

Nintendo 64, "Doraemon Nobita to 3-tsu no Seireiseki", N/A
Epoch, 3/21/97, Y7980
(Super Mario 64 Clone)

Nintendo 64, "Doraemon 2: Nobita to Hikari no Shinden (Nobita and
Shrine of Light)", N/A
Epoch, 12/11/98, Y6800
(Action /Adventure)

Gameboy, "Doraemon no GAMEBOY de asobou yo deluxe 10", N/A
Epoch Co., Ltd., DMG-ADPJ, 1998, Y???
Epoch Co., Ltd., 027502, 8/1/00, Y1000 (rerelease)

Gameboy Color, "Doraemon kart", N/A
Epoch Co., Ltd., DMG-ADRJ, 1998, Y???
Epoch Co., Ltd., 030953, 8/1/00, Y1000 (rerelease)
(Racing Game)

Gameboy Color, "Doraemon Walking Maze", N/A
Epoch Co., Ltd., 1998 Y????
(Puzzle Game)

Game Boy Advance, "Doraemon"(?), N/A
Asmik Ace Entertainment, Y???

Playstation, "Doraemon 3 Makai no dungeon", N/A
Epoch Co., Ltd., SLPS 03076, 12/14/00, Y5800
(Role-Playing Game)

Nintendo 64, "Doraemon 3 Nobita no machi SOS!", N/A
Epoch Co., Ltd., 7/28/00, Y6800
(Action Game)

Dreamcast, "Boku Doraemon", N/A
Sega Toys, T-41802M, 1/25/01, Y5800
(Adventure/growth sim)

Wonder Swan Color, "Pocket no chuu(?) no Doraemon", N/A
Bandai, SWJ-BANC??, 3/00 (?), Y4300
(Growth communication?)

PC Engine, "Download", N/A
NEC Avenue, 6/22/90, Y6800
(Shooting Game)

PC Engine SCD, "Download 2", N/A
NEC Avenue, 3/29/91, Y6800
(Shooting Game)
Both the OAV and games are based on a novel named Devil's Circuit

Famicom, "Dragonball: The Mystery of Shenlong", "Dragon Power"
Bandai, 11/86, Y???
(Action Game)
The US version is censored and has several renamed characters

Famicom, "Dragonball: The Resurrection of the Demon King", N/A
Bandai, 8/88, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Famicom, "Dragonball 3: The Story of Goku (Gokuden)", N/A
Bandai, 10/89, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Attack of the Saiyajins", N/A
Bandai, 10/90, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Famicom, "Dragonball Z 2: Freeza, the Planet Destroyer" (?), N/A
Bandai, 8/91, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Famicom, "Dragonball Z 3: Hot Battle! The Androids", N/A
Bandai, 8/92, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Famicom, "Dragonball Z: World Fighting Tournament (Kekitou Tenkaichi
Budoukai)", N/A
Bandai, 12/92, Y???
("Barcode" Fighting Game)

Famicom, "Dragonball Z Side Story: The Plan to Destroy Saiyajins", N/A
Bandai, 8/93, Y???
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: The Legendary Supersaiyajin", N/A
Bandai, SHVC-DB, 1/25/92, Y9500
(Roleplaying Game with "battle cards")

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Super Butoden", N/A
Bandai SHVC-Z2, 3/20/93, Y9800
(Fighting Game)

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Super Butoden 2", N/A
Bandai SHVC-EF, 12/93, Y???
(Fighting Game)

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Super Butoden 3", N/A
Bandai, SHVC-AZ4J-JPN, 9/94, Y???
(Fighting Game)

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Super Goku Den", N/A
Bandai, 3/95, Y???
(Role-Playing Game)

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z: Super Son Goku Den 2", N/A
Bandai, 9/95, Y???
(Role-Playing Game)

Super Famicom, "Dragonball Z Hyper Dimension", N/A
Bandai, SHVC-AZIJ-JPN, 3/29/96, Y???
(Fighting Game)

Gameboy, "Dragonball Z: Goku Hishouden", N/A
Bandai, 11/94, Y4800
(Role-Playing Game)

Gameboy, "Dragonball Z: Goku Gekitouden (Encounter with Rivals)", N/A
Bandai, 8/95, Y5800
(Role-Playing Game)

Mega Drive, "Dragonball Z: Bu-Yuu-Retsu-Den", N/A
Bandai, 4/94, Y???
(Fighting Game)

PC Engine SCD, "Dragonball Z: Legend of the Great Son Goku", N/A
Bandai BNCD4001, 11/94, Y???
(Fighting game??)

Playdia, "Dragonball Z: Shin Saiyajin Zetsu Metsu Keikaku (The Real
Plan to Destroy Saiyajins)", N/A
Bandai, 9/94, Y4800
(Interactive animation)

Playdia, "Dragonball Z: Shin Saiyajin Zetsu Metsu Keikaku part 2", N/A
Bandai, 12/94, Y4800
(Interactive animation)

Arcade, "Dragonball Z", N/A
Banpresto, 1993
(Fighting Game)

Arcade, "Dragonball Z 2 Super Battle", N/A
Banpresto, 1994
(Fighting Game)

Arcade, "Dragonball Z VR VS", N/A
Sega & Banpresto, 1994
(First-Person Fighting Game)

Playstation, "Dragonball Z: Ultimate Battle 22", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00073, 7/28/95, Y5800
Bandai, SLPS 91017, 12/6/96, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Fighting Game)
There is a European PAL version of this title

Playstation, "Dragonball Z: The Great Dragonball Legend", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00355, 5/31/96, Y5800
Bandai, SLPS 91035, 6/27/97, Y2800
(3D Fighting Game)

Saturn, "Dragonball Z: Shin-bu-toh-den" (Great Fighting Story), N/A
Bandai, T-13302G, 11/15/95, Y6800
(Fighting Game)
[Saturn version of Ultimate Battle 22. Allows all 27 characters
without using a cheat code]

Saturn, "Dragonball Z: The Great Dragonball Legend", N/A
Bandai, 5/24/96, Y5800
Bandai, 6/20/97, Y2800 (rerelease)
(3D Fighting Game)
[Same as the PSX version]

Playstation, "Dragonball Final Bout", "Dragonball GT Final Bout"
Bandai, SLPS 00949, 8/21/97, Y5800
Bandai, SLPS 91079, 7/23/98, Y2800 (rerelease)
(Polygon Fighting Game)
[Released in the USA 98 and UK 2001]

Pippin, "Anime Designer Dragonball Z", N/A
Bandai, 7/18/96, Y5800
(Digital rubber stamp set)

PC Engine SCD (?), "Dragon Half" (?), N/A
Microcabin, Y???
(Board Game)

PC98, "Dragon Half", N/A
Microcabin, 199?, Y????
(Role Playing Game)

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