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Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa Part 1", N/A
Tecmo, 1988, Y5500
(Cinematic soccer game)

Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa Part 2 Super Striker", "Tecmo Soccer "
Tecmo, 1990, Y6900
(Cinematic soccer game)

Super Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa Part 3: Challenge of Kaiser", N/A
Tecmo, 7/17/92, Y8900
(Cinematic soccer game)

Gameboy, "Captain Tsubasa VS", N/A
Tecmo, 1992, Y4200
(Cinematic soccer game)

Super Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa Part 4: Pro's Rivals", N/A
Tecmo, 1993, Y9700
(Cinematic soccer game?)

Super Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa Part 5", "Boy's Soccer Team 5"
Tecmo, 1994, Y9980
(Action/Cinematic soccer game)

Mega CD, "Captain Tsubasa", N/A
Tecmo, T-36014, 1994, Y????

Super Famicom, "Captain Tsubasa J: The Way to World Youth", N/A
Bandai, 1995, Y???

Gameboy, "Captain Tsubasa J: Zengoku Seiha he no Chousen", N/A
Bandai, DMG-P-ACTJ(JPN), 1995, Y???
(Action/Cinematic Soccer Game)

Playstation, "Captain Tsubasa J: All Japan New Generation", N/A
???, Y5800

Playstation, "Captain Tsubasa J: Get in the Tomorrow", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 00310, 5/3/96, Y5800
(3D Action/Cinematic Soccer Game)

CARD CAPTOR SAKURA (aka Card Captors)
Playstation/Pocketstation, "Animetic Story Game 1 Card Captor Sakura",
Arika, SLPS 01830~1, 8/5/99, Y6300
(Adventure Game)

Playstation/Pocketstation, "Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card Magic", N/A
Arika, SLPS 02560, 1/27/00, Y7980 (limited edition with
Arika, SLPS 02561, 1/27/00, Y4800

Wonder Swan, "Cardcaptor Sakura ~Sakura to fushigi na clow card~", N/A
Bandai, SWJ-BAN01A, 12/2/99, Y3800
("Growth RPG")

Gameboy Color, "Cardcaptor Sakura Itsumo Sakura-chan to Issho", N/A
(Realtime adventure)

Playstation, "TETRIS with Cardcaptor Sakura Eternal Heart", N/A
Arika, SLPS 02886, 8/10/00, Y5800

Gameboy Color, "Cardcaptor Sakura 2(?)", N/A
MTO, Y???

DC/VMU, "Cardcaptor Sakura Tomoyo no video daisakusen", N/A
Sega Rosso/Sega, HDR-0115, 12/28/00, Y5800
Sega Rosso/Sega, HDR-0132, 12/28/00, Y8800 (limited version with
pillow, wall clock, hot cake set)
(3d video shooting/puzzle)

(An obscure Japanese manga that you probably don't care about.)

Playstation, "Chess Player of the Moon (Gekka no kishi ~Ouryuusen~)",
Banpresto, SLPS 00421, 9/13/96, Y5800
(Japanese chess)

Saturn, "Chess Player of the Moon (Gekka no kishi ~Ouryuusen~)", N/A
Banpresto, 11/22/96, Y5800
(Japanese chess)

Super Famicom, "Chibi Marukochan Harikiri 365 Days", N/A
Epoch, 12/13/91, Y8800
(Board Game)

PC Engine, "Chibi Marukochan Quiz de Pihyara", N/A
Namco, 1/10/92, Y6800

Mega Drive, "Chibi Marukochan Wakuwaku Shopping, N/A
Namco, 1/14/92, Y6000

Super Famicom, "Chibi Marukochan: Mezase! Minami no Island!", N/A
Konami, 1995, Y???
(Contains several mini-games)

Gameboy, "Chibi Marukochan okodukai daisakusen!", N/A
Takara, 1990, Y3400

Gameboy, "Chibi Marukochan 2", N/A
Takara, Y3800
(Adventure Game)

Gameboy, "Chibi Marukochan 3", N/A
Takara, Y3800
(Miscellaneous; contains 11 mini-games)

Gameboy, "Chibi Marukochan 4 kore ga nihon dayo! ouji-sama", N/A
Takara, DMG-C4J, 1992, Y3800
Takara, 325015, 11/1/00, Y1000 (rerelease)
(Miscellaneous; contains 9 mini-games)

Gameboy, "Chibi Marukochan Maruko Deluxe gekijou", N/A
Takara, DMG-ACMJ, 1995, Y3900
Takara, 014109, 11/1/00, Y1000 (rerelease)
(Action/6 mini-games)

Neo-Geo, "Chibi Marukochan Quiz", N/A
(Quiz Game)

Playstation, "Chibi Marukochan Marukochan Enikki World", N/A
Takara, SLPS 00166, 12/22/95, Y4800
(Adventure Game)

Saturn, "Chibi Marukochan no Taisen Pazuru Dama", N/A
KCE Tokyo/Konami, VS026, 12/15/95, Y5800
(Puzzle Game)

PC Engine, "City Hunter", N/A
SunSoft SS90001, 3/2/90, Y6300
(Action Game)

PC Engine CD, "Cobra Koku Ryu O no Densetsu", N/A
Hudson, 3/31/89, Y5980
(Adventure Game)

PC Engine CD, "Cobra II Densetsu no Otoko", N/A
Hudson, 6/7/91, Y6500
(Adventure Game)

Sega CD, "The Space Adventure"
Hudson, $20
(Adventure Game)
This is a port of the first PC Engine game. Made for the English market (No Jpn version). It's one of the last Sega CD games, and apparently never was released at a
price higher than $20.

Playstation, "Space Adventure Cobra: The Shooting", N/A
Takara, SLPS 00312, 11/22/96, Y5800
(Adventure Game)

Playstation, "Space Adventure Cobra: The Psychogun volume 1", N/A
Sony, SCPS 19001, 1/22/98, Y2000
(Digital Comic)

Playstation, "Space Adventure Cobra: The Psychogun volume 2", N/A
Sony, SCPS 19002, 1/22/98, Y2000
(Digital Comic)

Playstation, "Space Adventure Cobra: Galaxy Nights", N/A
Sony, SCPS 19005, 2/18/99, Y2000
(Digital Comic)

Playstation, "Cowboy Bebop", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 01126, 5/14/98, Y5800
(3d Shooting Game)

Famicom, "Crayon Shin-chan Ora to Poi Poi", N/A
Bandai, 1993, Y???
(Puzzle Game)

Arcade, "Quiz Crayon Shin-chan", N/A
Taito, 1993

Arcade, "Quiz Crayon Shin-chan Ora to Asobo", N/A
Taito, 1993

Super Famicom, "Crayon Shin-chan [kanji]", N/A
Bandai, 8/30/93, Y9500
(Action Game)

Gameboy, "Crayon Shin-chan ~Ora to Shiro wa Otomodachi da yo", N/A
Bandai, 1993, Y???
(Action Game)

Gameboy, "Crayon Shin-chan 2- ???? ", N/A
Banalex, 1993, Y???
(Action Game)

Mega Drive, "Crayon Shin-chan", N/A
Ma-Ba, 1994, Y???
(Action Game)

Gameboy, "Crayon Shin-chan 4: Ora Noitazura Daihenshin", N/A
Bandai, 1994, Y???
(Action Game)

Super Famicom, "Crayon Shin-chan 2: Daimaou no Gyakushuu", N/A
Bandai, 1994, Y???
(Action Game)

Sufami Turbo, "Crayon Shin-chan Nagagutsu Dobon!", N/A
Bandai, 1996, Y???
(Action Game)

PC98, "Crusher Joe", N/A
Family Soft, 1994, Y3800

PC-FX, "Cutey Honey FX", N/A
Data West/NEC Home Electronics, 11/10/95, Y8800
(Adventure Game)

PC Engine CD, "Cyber City Oedo 808 Kemono no Zokusei", N/A
Masaya, 3/15/91, Y6500

Super Famicom, "Cyber Formula", "Cyber Spin"
Takara, SHVC-CF, Y???
Racing Game

Gameboy, "Cyber Formula", N/A
Varie/Takara, 1992, Y???
Racing Game

Playstation, "Future GPX Cyber Formula", N/A
Vap, SLPS 01958~9, 3/18/99, Y6800
(Adventure Game)

CYBER NINJA (see Mirai Ninja)

Mega CD, "Cyborg 009", N/A
Telenet Japan, 7/30/93, Y7800
(Action Game)

Super Famicom, "Cyborg 009", N/A
Bec, 1994, Y8800
(Action Game)

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