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ACE WO NERAE! (Aim for the Ace!)
Super Famicom, "Ace wo Nerae!", N/A
Telenet Japan, 12/24/93, Y9400

PC-98, "Ah My Goddess!", N/A
Banpresto, 1993, Y????
(Adventure Game)

PC-FX, "Ah My Goddess!", N/A
NEC, 12/12/97, Y8000
(Adventure Game)

Arcade, "Quiz AH! MY GODDESS! ~Tatakau tsubasa(?) totomoni~", N/A
Sega/Wow Entertainment Inc./Kodansha, 5/00
(Adventure/Quiz Game)

Dreamcast, "Quiz AH! MY GODDESS! ~Tatakau tsubasa(?) totomoni~", N/A
Sega/WOW, HDR-0105, 11/30/00, Y5800
Sega/WOW, HDR-0123, 11/30/00, Y8800
(with stamp set, sticker, figure, cushion, bonus GD-Rom features Ah! My Goddess movie commercial and voice actress data file)
(Adventure/Quiz Game)
Port of the arcade game

AKAZUKIN CHACHA (Red Riding Hood Chacha)
Super Famicom, "Akazukin Chacha", N/A
Tomy, 1996, Y???
(Role-Playing Game)

PC-FX, "Akazukin Chacha - Osawagase! Panic Race!", N/A
NEC, 10/25/96, Y7800
(Board Game)

THQ planned American made Akira games for the SNES, Genesis, and Sega
CD. These were cancelled in early 1995.

Famicom, "Akira", N/A
Taito, Y6800
(Role-Playing Game)

CD-32/Amiga 500, N/A, "Akira"
Ice, 1994, L30
(Action Game)
The first non-Japanese Anime game

Playstation 2, "Akira- Psycho Ball"
Bandai, 2002, Y????
(Pinball Sim)
Also received a very small release in the UK and PAL regions from Infogrames

Super Famicom, "Appleseed Prometheus no Shintaku (Appleseed
Prometheus's oracle)", N/A
Visit, 1994, Y9800
(Action Game)

Arcade, "Area 88", "UN Squadron"
Capcom, 8/89
(Shooting Game)
Ported to various home computers under the U.N. Squadron title

Super Famicom, "Area 88", "UN Squadron"
Capcom, 7/26/91, Y8500
(Shooting Game)
Adapted from the arcade version but not identical

PC98, "Area 88 Ikkakujou No Kiseki", N/A
Family Soft, 19??, Y????
(Strategy Game)

PC98, "Area 88 Etranger 1995", N/A
Family Soft, 1995, Y????
(Strategy Game)

PC98, "Votoms The Real Battle", N/A
Family Soft, 19??, Y????
(Strategy Game)

X68000, "Votoms Dead Ash ", N/A
Family Soft, 1991, Y????
(Strategy Game)

Super Famicom, "Armored Trooper Votoms" (?), N/A
Takara, Y???
(3D Fighting Game)

Playstation, "Armored Trooper Votoms Gaiden Blue Knight Berserga
Story", N/A
Takara, SLPS 00981, 10/30/97, Y9800 (limited edition, comes with
Takara, SLPS 00982, 10/30/97, Y5800
(Polygon Fighting Game)

Playstation, "Armored Trooper Votoms Lightning Slash", N/A
Takara, SCPS 01960, 3/18/99, Y9800 (limited edition with model)
Takara, SCPS 01961, 3/18/99, Y5800
(Action Game)

Playstation, "Armored Trooper Votoms - Woodo.Kummen", N/A
Takara, SLPS 01330, 4/2/98, Y9800 (limited edition, comes with a model
and card)
Takara, SLPS 01331, 4/2/98, Y5800
(3D Action Game)

Playstation, "Armored Trooper Votoms -Steel Force-", N/A
Takara, SLPS 02315, 9/30/99, Y6800
Takara, SLPS 02313~4, 9/30/99, Y6800 (limited edition with Brave Saga 2
data disk)
(Strategy Game)

Arcade, "Ashita no Joe", N/A
Taito/Wave, 1990
(First Person Boxing)

Neo Geo, "Ashita no Joe Densetsu", "Legend of Success Joe"
Wave, 1991, Y????

Super Famicom, "Ashita no Joe", N/A
K Amuzement, 11/27/92, Y8900

Famicom, "Tetsuwa No Atom ", N/A
Konami, 1988, Y????

Super Famicom, "Tetsuwa No Atom ", N/A
Zamuse, 1994, Y????

Gameboy Advance, "Tetsuwa No Atom", N/A
Treasure, 2005, Y????

PC98, "Aura Battler Dunbine Byston Well No Honoo", N/A
Family Soft, 19??, Y????
(Strategy Game)

Playstation, "Aura Battler Dunbine", N/A
Bandai, SLPS 02390, 3/4/00, Y6800

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