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Websites deserving of your attention.
If you want to get your website mentioned here just drop me a line
with the details (non Anime sites welcome!).
My only condition is that you link back to me, of course!

Genki Video Games
You should have seen their ad by now! I personally recommend this company to anyone looking for Japanese games. They offer a fast service at the lowest prices around! If they don't have it they can get it and they sell soundtracks too.

Anime Links

Playstation Anime Games
As the name suggests a website featuring every Playstation game based on an Anime.
Well worth checking out.

Anime Companion
From Gilles Poitras the author of Anime Companion, Anime Companion 2
and Anime Essentials, a guide to the many facets of Anime.
If you don't already own his books then buy them as soon as possible
as they are invaluable to all Anime fans.

Red Emeralds
A fascinating website listing every film, video, anime, video game etc than has been banned, censored, edited or altered in anyway. The list is very comprehensive so best make sure you've got plenty of time!

Anime Vs Games

Not actually a grudge match but in fact a very useful website of reviews of Anime DVDs etc and video games.

Super Famicom Anime Resource
This site has been around for many years. In depth reviews and a great resource for
all things anime on the SFC.

UK Anime Resource
As you might guess from the name the site is a collection of websites and further reading for Anime fans in the UK or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Mania Tv
A comprehensive website for everything the Anime, Sci-fi, or Cult fan might need.
If that's you check it out!

Anime Links
A long list of Anime Websites of all different varieties.

Video Game Links

A complete resource for the great video game series. Everything a Rick fan could want!

Killer List of Video Games
A complete database of every Arcade Coin-Op including Pinball tables!

A great site featuring loads of rare and obscure Japanese consoles and development kits.

Tokugawa Corp
If you're into the NEC PC-98 computer then this is the place to go.

Video Game Reviews
Complete source for video game reviews and strategies.
Get the latest top video game reviews at

Other Links

Some useful information on a vast spectrum of subjects.