Vist Genki!

Format: PC-98
From: Dez Climax
Year of Release: 1996
Onscreen Language: Japanese

La Blue Girl

Injyu Gakuen
(Lewd Beast School)

An 'adult' adventure game based on the Toshio Maeda series. The plot is apparently a combination of the stories from the first Manga & OAV... not that I'd know. Strange things are happening at Miko's school including attacks by randy monsters and her teacher being kidnapped and taken to the Demon Realm. Lucky she's a trainee ninja!

To say the gameplay is limited would be an understatement. Basically the player controls the game entirely with the mouse with input limited to choosing an action (look, talk etc) from a menu and then a destination from a sub menu (look-table, talk-girl etc). The left mouse button is for selecting and the right is for deselecting. That's it. All the on-screen action is entirely static save for blinking and mouth movements (of the talking kind). The static bordem is broken only by the occasional cheesey fade effect used to denote movement or changes in dress.

Later in the game there is actually an action sequence but all this entails is frantically clicking a cross hair at pictures of monsters. While it is possible to suffer too much damage and die you will automatically restart from the beggining of the fight and keep doing so until you win. Or turn the computer off.

The music does nothing to eleviate the boredom either. The main tune is horribly chirpy and with it's constant looping there's a good chance it'll drive you insane if you don't hit 'mute'! Fortunately the music changes for scenes of, shall we say, 'special interest' and a couple of these tunes sound suspiciously like Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells' from the Exorcist and John Carpenter's Halloween theme.  

You would expect a game based on a Hentai series to feature sex and nudity and you'd be right to but it's really not as frequent as you'd think and it's fairly brief, totally static and quite tame.

The Japanese text won't prevent determined players from progressing as it's all very simplistic and really short. If you've got the patience you could probably finish this in around an hour.

As is the industry standard all unlocked images can be viewed by the whole family time and time again from the title screen. Every image is included even the backgrounds, object overlays and frames!

If you like wearing out your mouse button for the promise of some naughty pictures plus you have the patience of a chess player then you might find this enjoyable. All those hoping for some kind of gameplay needn't bother playing. Not that they would...

Note: This game was also released on the Fujitsu FM Towns and received a sequel on the PC98. If anyone out there can provide me with any info on these (for research purposes of course) please email!

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