Vist Genki!

Format: Super Famicom
From: Banpresto
Year of Release: 1995
Onscreen Language: Japanese


Hyper Iria
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A mission based scrolling, platform shoot-em-up featuring the characters from Iria: Zeiram The Animation.

The intro is very good full of Anime style animations. The music is good SNES standard stuff and the graphics are fine. The main sprite is a bit small but this is so the large enemies look really large compared to Iria. The game is divided into about five missions. You choose which one you want to do first (they are written in Japanese of course so you may not know what you are supposed to do) and then the game begins.

Iria can shoot, punch, and kick in a variety of ways allowing her to kill the bad guys but that's not all she can also find secondary weapons (like grenades) and use those as well.

It looks good, sounds good and plays well. Definitely a top-class Anime game.

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