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Format: Mega CD
From: Sega
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese

The Heroic Legend of Arslan


A standard turn-based-strategy-game.

Compared to other Anime Mega CDs like 3x3 Eyes and Captain Tsubasa, Arslan opens with a rather plain intro. The story is described over static, rendered, images rather than full motion animations but is still accompanied by the prerequisit CD audio.

The game itself is exactly what you'd expect from a turn-based-strategy. You are put in control of Arslan's army, with the exception of Arslan himself who is computer controlled. The aim of each stage is to carefully command your army and eliminate the enemy force's commander. However, if the oppossing army manage to defeat Arslan then the game is over. All the usual features are present including such genre staples as different terrain effecting how far a character can move and different weapons having different radiuses of attack.

You start the game with only two characters in you army, and only one under your control, but as the game progresses more characters arrive to fight for your cause and quite often during a battle. Each battle is accompanied by a different and enjoyable CD score. The sound effects are quite fitting but the graphics and particularly the battle animations are quite limited, nothing more than the Mega Drive is capable of.

Although much of the game's text is Japanese it is more than easy to play through this game especially if you are familiar with strategy titles. Your progress can be saved to the Mega CD's back-up RAM at the end of each successful battle.
All in all The Heroic Legend Of Arslan isn't a bad game it just doesn't do anything new for the genre. Standard but enjoyable.

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