Vist Genki!

Format: Game Gear
From: Bandai
Year of Release: 1995
Onscreen Language: Japanese

SD Gundam Winner's History


The only Gundam game to grace the Sega Game Gear is an SD Gundam Strategy game. Press start at the title screen and you are presented with a whole load of Japanese text menus but don't let that put you off it's easy to muddle through them. Its from these menus that you choose your Gundam Squadron, the type of game you play (Campaign, one off, two player etc) and view the stats of the mechas amoungst others.

The actual game has very simple graphics even for an 8-bit system. The controls are also simple; click the unit you wish to move then move it to the place you want (within the black area that denotes the area that unit can move in). Battles take place in a side-on shooting style.

The main thing about this game is simplicity. The whole thing is real easy to get into even if you can't read Japanese and the music is catchy. Worth a look.

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