Vist Genki!

Format: Gameboy
From: Bandai
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese



A scrolling beat-em-up with you controlling Godzilla. Your choice of attack is limited between punch and radiation blast. The more you use your radiation blast the more your energy goes down but stand still in one spot and it slowly comes back to you but beware there are no 'lives' here, loose all your energy and that's it.

You start off the game in the deep sea with planes and boats pestering you. Along the way you come across several enemy monsters who you must defeat before you can continue. You carry on walking left until eventually you walk from the sea onto dry land. Here you are attacked by planes, tanks, helicopters and the dreaded anti-godzilla ray! In the city you will face monsters like 'Mothra' and 'Batra'.

The music is a good representation of the Godzilla theme and it changes as your energy depletes. The graphics are quite good. The monster sprites are large but, as with all the sprites, they have thick white out lines making them look like flat cardboard cut outs. When you reach the city the whole place shakes as you move which is a nice touch. The sound effects are rather poor though. The gameplay gets very dull very quickly as you move constantly left. There are no passwords although you do have unlimited continues.

Fun for a while but ultimately limited.

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