Vist Genki!

Format: Famicom
From: Shouei System
Year of Release: 1987
Onscreen Language: Japanese

Fist of the North Star Part 2

Hokuto No Ken
(Fist of the North Star)
"Fist of the North Star" (USA)

A vastly improved update of the previous entry.

While nearly all of the tedious exploration has been removed the core of the game is fairly similar. Ken heads to the right, eliminating those that try to stop him with a swift punch or kick (now up graded to include jumping attacks!). As before some exploded enemies provide an item which will light up one of the seven stars at the top of the screen, increasing your attack speed and enabling you to punch thrown weapons back at the enemy. Light them all and Ken's shirt explodes! There are also two new items one which causes temporary invulnerability and another which adds projectiles to Ken's attacks.

The objective to each stage is to defeat the boss and free a captive ally, overcoming a middle level guard on the way. This starts out as a straight forward path but later requires some very simple exploration.

The graphics are a great improvement over the first game, far more colourful and detailed. The music, while still not taken from the show, is much better and even changes with boss confrontations. The main sound effects have been carried over but are a lot quieter making them easier on the ears.

Outside of the main game there is also a versus mode that pits you against the end of level bosses one after the other.

A much better effort than before and easy to get into. Hokuto No Ken fans should enjoy this one.

For one or two player (not simultaneous).

Note:- Released in the USA by Taxan in 1989 to capitalise the translated manga which had recently gone on sale. The differences are minor; a new title screen, a slightly lighter coloured Ken and the appearance of the freed captives has been removed. Also the power-ups, which were Japanese text in the original, are now simply stars. Otherwise the same.

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