Vist Genki!

Format: Neo Geo/Arcade
From: Pallas
Year of Release: 1991
Onscreen Language: English



A scrolling action game based on Jiro Kuwata & Kazumasa Hirai's Eightman character.

You and a friend control Eightman and his partner Nineman in their battle to stop an evil robot maker from destroying the city with his terrible, mechanical creations.

The game itself takes place in two successive modes. The first is a side on beat-em-up. You move your Eightman (who looks very little like the original) constantly right dispatching enemies with a punch or sweep kick or even a special attack (for special occasions).

The second is a running stage where the screen is constantly scrolling at a fast speed with your Eightman taking out baddies until the end of the stage where you usually come up against a giant tank boss.

The game itself is quite good. The graphics look good and the sound and music are what you'd expect from a Neo Geo game.
My problems with it are;

1) Eightman has to attack enemies to damage them whereas enemies simply damage Eightman by walking into him.

2) Nearly all the enemies only take only one hit to kill. This pretty much reduces each stage to; walk, stop, punch, walk, stop, punch etc.

3) As with all Neo Geo games you have unlimited continues which means the difficulty level is virtually non existant as it doesn't matter if you die, you can just press start and keep going meaning you can finish the entire game in one turn.

All in all not a bad game but nothing much to do with the Eightman and way too easy.

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