Vist Genki!

Format: Gameboy Colour
From: Epoch
Year of Release: 1999
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Walking Labyrinth

By the universal language of pictures I assume that the plot has something to do with the children finding a magic lamp and getting the Genie to get in their washing as it is raining (of course I might have got this wrong he could just be stealing their clothes but why would he do that? That would make him a very strange genie indeed). He then gets hit by lightening and as revenge kidnaps the girl leaving Doraemon and the other kids to go and rescue her.

What do you do? Well the gameplay is simple. The kid you are guiding walks constantly to the right. If he walks into a wall or another harmless obsticle he will turn round and walk constantly left. Of course if a baddie, pit or other harmful obsticle get in his way then he will wander blindly into it and die. Here is where you come in. You must guide the child around the area and to the check-point safely.

You do this with the help of your cursor and some useful clouds. Some can be turned off to allow your child to walk through, some can be turned on for a limited time to make a bridge etc. Okay, okay it's a kid's game so the puzzles aren't exactly difficult but that's what makes it so fun. You should be able to fly through the levels so it's more fun to try and get the additional power-ups.

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