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Format: Famicom
From: Namco
Year of Release: 1989
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Devil Man

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A side scrolling platform action/adventure game based on Go Nagai's Devilman. The game follows the manga's story.

You start as Akira Fudo the boy who has the ability to change into Devilman. You wander around the town going into houses and talking to the people you find. When you find your friend Ryo he transports you to a basement room where you change into Devilman and battle on-coming hordes of girls who transform into demons. If you manage to survive you return to the town. Now in between talking to the inhabitants you can increase your energy bar by defeating the monsters that roam around outside. You can change into Devilman and back by pressing select and choosing to change up or down.

Defeating monsters as Akira gives you more power when you are Devilman. This power allows you to fire fireballs when you press punch but the more you do this the more your power (represented by Devilman heads) decreases. If you visit Akira's friend Miki Makamura (in the guise of Akira) she will give you your energy back. In fact at one point in the game you play as Miki. Then later still you can use Devilman's wings and fly to the mountains or the woods. Here you must find and save (or not if you choose) the humans trapped by demons.

You also have to fight Silene the demon bird and the other demon from the second OAV.

As for the game; the graphics are really what you'd expect from an old famicom game as is the music and sound effects. It is quite enjoyable to play. In fact of all the Anime games on this site this is probably the one I've played the most.

There are also passwords but of course, as with all the in game text, they are in Japanese. But the large amount of Japanese text doesn't make the game any harder it just means you won't be able to follow the plot so well. A very good game worth a look.

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