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Format: Mega CD
From: Hot-B
Year of Release: 1992
Onscreen Language:
Japanese & English
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Detonator Orgun


An icon driven adventure game similar to 'Bubblegum Crash!'.

As you might expect from a Mega CD game Detonator Orgun opens with an animated sequence full of CD quality speech, music and sound effects. The game itself is slightly different as the speech is less frequent and of a much lower quality and the music comes from the Megadrive and not the CD.

From what I can tell Detonator Orgun is a straight forward graphic adventure game. The player chooses from the options on the right (Look, Talk, Action, Record) and the results of your actions are shown on the screen.

The graphics aren't bad but are not exactly the sharpest I've seen and the music is unintrusive. As with 'Bubblegum Crash!' even if you can't understand the text it is still quite easy to progress through the game via trial and error, just save your position often! An average game of it's genre.

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