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Format: Gameboy
From: Bandai
  Year of Release: 1995
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Captain Tsubasa J

Zengoku Seiha He No Chousen

A Gameboy companion for Bandai's Super Famicom Captain Tsubasa J. As with the SFC version the 'Cinematic Soccer' is combined with an average soccer sim with mixed results.

The small screen of the Gameboy makes manoeuvring the pitch fairly tricky. Quite often not only can you not see the opposition clearly but also your own players. Passing becomes very difficult and you'll constantly loose possession of the ball. It also doesn't help that the screen flickers like crazy!

The cinematic elements pop-up when you or the opposition shoots for the goal. You'll have to make quick decisions!

Captain Tsubasa isn't suited to the Gameboy. This game is playable but it's limitations could well harm your enjoyment.

Note:- This is one of the few mono Gameboy games which also contains a limited colour pallet when played on a Gameboy Colour.

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