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Format: Super Famicom
From: Bandai
Year of Release: 1995
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Captain Tsubasa J

The Way to World Youth

Bandai takes over for the final game in the Super Famicom series.

The change in developer certainly shows in the change of gameplay. Tecmo's cinematic styling has more or less gone replaced by a more standard soccer engine. The action runs much as you'd expect from a normal soccer game. Your tiny sprite runs in and out of the screen as with 'Super Soccer'. If you hit a button he will pass, shoot or tackle. If you, yourself get tackled then the screen changes to an animated sequence and you have to rapidly bash the A button to keep possession of the ball. In fact this button bashing shows up a lot during the course of the game. For instance if the opposition shoots at the goal then you have to whack the A button for the keeper to keep hold of the ball other wise it will pass through him and into the net.

With tiny sprites and more to do with button bashing than skill Captain Tsubasa J is an improvement over number 5 and is more likely to be enjoyed by western footie fans.

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