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Format: Famicom
From: Konami
Year of Release: 1988
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Astro Boy

Tesuwan Atom

A simplistic Super Mario style platformer. As Astro Boy you can jump on enemies to stun them or repeatedly punch them to destroy them and receive a gold coin. You also have the ability to fly allowing you to explore the levels to a greater degree. You can also call the professor to aid you if you need.

The graphics are very dated. The backgrounds are plain and the sprites are small. Basic sound effects and tunes accompany the action.

The presentation is quite nice. Astro flies around the title screen and waves and the professor runs in to fix you when you're destroyed.

This game is also very difficult. As was quite often the case with Japanese Famicom platformers your character is defeated with one hit. Frustrating!

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