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Format: Neo Geo/Arcade
From: Wave
Year of Release: 1991
Onscreen Language: English
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Ashita No Joe

Ashita No Joe Densetsu
(Legend of Tomorrow's Joe)
Legend of Success Joe (USA)

Based on the Ashita No Joe manga.

The game follows the story of the Manga, using two different game styles. First you must battle through hoods and gangsters in the street or locker rooms in a scrolling 'Final Fight' style. When you enter the ring it becomes a 'Street Fighter 2' style one-on-one boxing match.

The graphics are pretty good with BIG colourful, well animated sprites. The sound is also of a high standard featuring great stereo crowd noise during the boxing stages. Finally the music is very much the arcade quality you'd expect from the Neo Geo.

Its all very good fun. The changes in gameplay bring variety to the proceedings and the atmospheric sound adds highly to the experience. Well worth the trouble.

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