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Format: Arcade
From: Taito
Year of Release: 1990
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Ashita No Joe

The earliest Ashita no Joe video game, similar in looks to Nintendo's 'Punch Out' but with added spatter.

Taking the role of Joe you have to fight your way back up from the bottom through six opponents to a title fight re-match. It's not gonna be easy as each aggressor is tougher than the last. The winner will be decided through knock out or TKO on the third fall.

The game is view from behind a semi opaque Joe. The player has two fire buttons, one for either fist. Before each fight Joe's trainer will let you in on a new attack. After being knocked down the fighter's energy only partially refills and after your second knock down it's fairly likely you won't be standing much longer!

Taito's arcade game looks like the Manga come to life. The sprites are large and well detailed and animated. Due to their size you can't see too much of the ring or the crowd but this gives a more focused perspective.

The game is very tough, you'll have to put in a lot of coins and employ some careful tactics to regain Joe's title. You won't make it through on button bashing alone!

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