Even these tapes cost something
We're back! With a painfully obvious video choice.
A ground-breaking and somewhat controversia anime sci-fi mash-up!l
added: 29th Oct 10
  Codename Robotech Parkfield Playtime
Honey Honey  
Comedy hi-jinks with a diamond ingesting cat and her orphan owner being chased across Europe.
added: 20th Aug 10
Returning for one last VHS ride through time and literature in search of the missing Professor. The long lost sequel to the classic original!
added: 16th July 10
  Time Fighters in the Land of Fantasy
The Brave Frog & The Brave Frog's Greatest Adventure  
Another double bill. The notorious and infamous Brave Frog and its sequel. Suffering, sadistic cruelty and murder. Which movie is the worst?
added: 11th June 10
Double bill! Two attempts at one Magical Girl series.
Ziv Vs. Harmony Gold! This is one titanic title fight!.
added: 7th May 10
  Flower Angel Angel Cloud
An Olympic Fable: Run For Life  
A tale of enduring friendship. Like the lead character's long distance run,
it's a real endurance test!
added: 26th Mar 10
A lightweight holiday adventure which, according to the sleeve is
"A movie filled with life-enhancing values..".
added: 12th Mar 10
  The Secret of the Seal
Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid  
An animated retelling of the classic Fairy Tale brought to you by a company founded to make a fishing show!
added: 12th Feb 10
The cult classic probably better known in the West than in Japan.
Speedy, Polly and Guido take on Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows.
added: 29th Jan 10
  Samurai Pizza Cats Vol. 1
Call of the Wild Anime  
An astonishingly brutal film about a dog getting the domesticity (and crap) beaten out of him. Numerous animals were harmed making this cartoon.
added: 15th Jan 10
Another of Eightman's recommendations.
Tatsunoko takes Ranma and makes him/her Robin Hood Jnr.
added: 04th Jan 10
  Robin Hood - The Boyhood Adventures
White Fang aka Hashire! Shiroi Okami or Flight of the White Wolf  
As once suggested by Eightman, the Second Annual Big Feature.
A classic of literature, but not the one it claims...
added: 24th Dec 09
A space-hero, a robot, an Android, their pets and a talking brain in a box
who all live together on the moon. Can't be dull can it?
added: 06th Nov 09
  The Adventures of Captain Future
Sailor Moon dubbed by DIC  
DIC brings the Sailor Senshi to the English speaking world.
Everyone wishes they hadn't!
added: 09th Oct 09
Infamous New World Pictures dub of Leiji Matsumoto's epic movie.
Ever wanted to see John Wayne as Captain Harlock?
added: 25th Sept 09
  Galaxy Express Roger Corman
Bandi the Squirrel aka Banner the Squirrel or Risu no Banner  
A mind-blowingly awful zero-budget production!
So terrible it has to been seen to be believed!
added: 11th September 09
More bizarre, fantasia-style antics from Sanrio.
Will it out do Winds of Change for crazy, nonsensical imagary?.
added: 28th August 09
  A Journey Through Fairyland Celebritys Just For Kids
Ringing Bell aka Chirin no Suzu  
"Chirin and the Wolf became a team with a reputation for ruthless killing known throughout the land" is a line from this film! Deeply depressing!
added: 13th August 09
Do you Remember Love?
You might do if you were a kid in the USA in the 1980's.
added: 24th July 09
  Macross in Clash of the Bionoids
The Adventures of Pinocchio  
Not the light and fluffy heart warming Disney tale, that's for sure.
Pinocchio learns to be good thanks to old fashioned pain and suffering!
added: 10th July 09
Once again, Krypton Force butcher Force Five.
Any unexpected news footage this time?.
added: 12th June 09
  Protectors Krypton Force Gaiking
Unico Fantastic Adventures  
A love spreading magic Unicorn from the mind of Osamu Tezuka
but with Yoshiaki Kawajiri on the staff not all is a expected...
added: 30th Feb 09
Bunker Jenkins is at it again! More Super Robot action
from the people who brought you Tranzor Z and Shadow world.
added: 20th Feb 09
Nostalgiamadman takes on his toughest assignment yet...
"The Legend of the Phoenix as only the future could show it!"
added: 30th Feb 09
What happens to Cyborg superheroes when they retire?
They get called back into action of course!
added: 16th Jan 09
Here at the Anime Bargain Bin we'd like to try and put the "Christ" back into "Christ it's nearly Christmas!" More anime Jesus!
added: 24th Dec 08
It's like the NFL meets Mazinger Z!
From the makers of Tranzor Z
added: 10th Oct 08
Greek mythology mixed with 70's disco...
Can't be rubbish, right?
added: 15th Aug 08
A Roger Corman B-Movie cut with Mamoru Oshii's surrealist masterpiece Angel's Egg. Will the results be scrambled?
added: 18th Jul 08
Don Quixote and Sancho Panza get mixed up in the devious Fedora's schemes. Another quality Ziv International production.
added: 04th Jul 08
Apparently in 2001 Cops don't need .44 magnums, they have robots! The forerunner to Bubblegum Crisis.
added: 06th Jun 08
A little known curiousity piece from the 1960's. It's got something to do with a kid who drives a car....
added: 15th Apr 08
Sci-fi meets the old west as the heroic Saber Rider leads his lawmen against the evil Outriders of the Vapor Zone.
added: 06th Jun 08
To celebrate the first year of Anime Bargain Bin an indepth look at Toei's overlooked WW3 movie!
added: 08th Apr 08
Unbelievably bleak Mecha action from the studio that brought us Magic Princess Minky Momo!
added: 14th Mar 08
AKA Casebook of Charlotte Holmes. Part anime, part live action, the Ace Girl detective takes on minor crime!
added: 15th Feb 08
Nostalgiamadman returns! More from the Kid Pix gang; Duke struggles against the minions of Devilman Dragon
added: 1st Feb 08
A Mistitled release of Ringo Rides West.
A cat in boots cleans up a Wild West Town.
added: 18th Jan 08
The further adventures of anime Ultraman.
Japan's live-action hero goes all cartoony.
added: 1st Jan 08
From an adult rated movie to one "Just For Kids".
Learn the secret of the Dagger of Kamui!
added: 07th Dec 07
The first Bargain Bin Guest Review. Nostalgiamadman
takes us through this expose' on the lives of little people.
added: 30th Nov 07
A magical girl on a search for her missing parents finds a fairytale kingdom. No surprise violence in this one!
added: 09th Nov 07
Dracula rises from the grave once more but can
a rag-tag gang of Vampire Hunters send him back?
added: 26th Oct 07
The video that was my first exposure to anime!
Koji Kabuto battles Dr Hell in his giant robot.
added: 16th Oct 07
A futuristic "Video Comic" featuring clips from a number of anime classics.
Plus you could win a ZX Spectrum!
added: 28th Sept 07
The Crushers fight to clear their name.
The creator of Force Five tinkers with Joe.
added: 7th Sept 07
Dinosaurs return! Combing animation, stop-motion and miniatures this is one unusual obscurity!
added: 28th Sept 07
The first of the 8 Man Suggests... series.
Jett & Starr head through time to find Prof Von Spock
added: 7th Sept 07
Jesus Christ! An anime adaptation of the Bible?
But is it Heaven Sent or Holy Shit?
added: 10th Aug 07
A bumper edition of six episodes! Wooden puppets become Japanese cartoons but is it FAB?
added: 27th Jul 07
The third installment of the least popular reviews!
Four anime girls and not a single tentacle.
added: 20th Jul 07
It's either deep, pondering existential Sci-fi or
"Over 80 minutes of Cartoon fun." You decide...
added: 13th Jul 07
Improve your mind with the second of the
Classics of Literature series.
added: 06th Jul 07
Three episodes from the little known TV show.
80's robot action as Galactic Patrol battle Umbra!
added: 28th Jun 07
The first of Bargain Bin's Classic Literature reviews.
Gory horror for ages 7+
added: 19th Jun 07
Three videos all based on Chojin Locke:
Star Warriors 1 + 2 plus Locke The Superpower!
added: 15th Jun 07
Historic anime turned depressing sci-fi for under 10s!
Also, meet Noel!
added: 17th May 07
Seen briefly on U.S. TV then dumped on VHS around the world. Can Captain Noah defeat General Z?
added: 30th Apr 07
Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece Nausicaa
dubbed and edited for the masses!
added: 26th Apr 07
Before Star Blazers there was Space Cruiser!
Aka Space Cruiser Yamato
added: 11th Apr 07
Hated by many, seen by few...
Megazone 23 gets the Macek/Cannon treatment
added: 09th Mar 07
Spaceketeers gets a UK makeover.
Can the team beat the Racoomoids?
added: 07th Mar 07
Three episodes of 80's robot action.
Now 100% Srungle free!
added: 05th Mar 07
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