Vist Genki!

Format: PC-98
From: Banpresto
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Oh My Goddess!

AA Megamisama!
(Ah Miss Megami! or Oh My Goddess!)

An interactive story from the world of Ah Megamisama!

You control Keiichi's destiny with your mouse. Every so often you'll be presented with two courses of action, make your decision and the story continues. These decisions are your only interaction with the story. No maps, no 'Think' or 'Look' actions just multiple choices.

You can save your progress in one of five slots so you'll be able to test a number of responses and perhaps see several of the game's endings without having to start over.

As with many games of this type you can view all the viewed backgrounds, character faces and artwork from the title screen.

What the game lacks in interactivity it makes up for with presentation. The limited gameplay is accompanied by some enjoyable music although little in the way of sound. The still images are well drawn and make use of the 9801's large colour palette and are the most likely reason that Oh My Goddess comes on six 5 1/4" floppies!

There's not a lot to do, even less if you can't read the text, so most fans will look else where for their Belldandy fix.

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