On 18th May YouTube were informed of a third Copyright infringement on our account and the account - kojima555 - was terminated. For any of you interested the infringing clips were; Return of the Dinosaurs, Ultraman 2 and, most unexpectedly of all, Bandi the Squirrel!

As a result all of our clips were deleted. They're gone. Along with some emails from various people from the industry who had been involved in the creation of some of the tapes you see in the Anime Bargain Bin.

Now, of course, the sensible thing to have done would have been to archived these clips but we never did. After all, YouTube was storing them and that's as safe a place as any, right? Yeah, yeah - I know... stupid thinking. Let this be a lesson to you all to backup your important files!

So we turn to you, the loyal Bargain Bin visitors, to help restore our library.

Did you download any of the clips which we posted to the kojima555 account over the last three years?

Do you know of any websites that may still be hosting them now?

If so, please get in contact with us. Any and all help is extremely gratefully recieved.

All of us here at the Anime Bargain Bin hope that through your generous help we can restore all the missing clips and have the site back up to its full glory soon.

For the future, we now have the new account BargainBinAnime, so if you were a subscriber or friend please visit this page from now on and spread the word.

Thanks for your time and please give all you can!

- Anime Bargain Bin Staff

P.S. - Yes, in future we will be backing them up...



A massive thank you to all the contributors so far...

Alan O'Brien, DJ Charles Benson, Chris Sobieniak,
DaftPunkYoshi, Seth Goonetilleke & 0munchhausen

We're still missing a lot of clips and while we're replacing them we still need all your help!

Thanks again, guys! We'd be lost without you