Vist Genki!

Format: Mega CD
From: Sega
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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3x3 Eyes

Seima Densetsu

Based on volumes 3-5 of the Manga. An early Mega CD release.

The game opens with several long animated sections that combine sprite animation and in game graphics to tell the story so far. These sequences are very impressive, if a little long, and are one of the few places where the CD format is put to use with speech and digitised audio from the OAVs.

Finally you are allowed to take control of the action as Yakumo and Pai arrive in Hong Kong at the very start of their adventure. From here it is typical RPG territory in both terms of graphics and gameplay. You move your party around towns, talking to passers-by and buying equipment and supplies from stores etc. As you may expect there are also dungeons to explore and with dungeouns come monsters. The monster encounter rate is fairly high making exploration frustrating.

The battle interface is reminisant of the SFC RPG but the action is far removed from that lacklustre effort. You choose the actions as per usual and the fight is animated using large sprites similar to the Banpresto SFC game. Ling Ling is the best fighter in your group but what Pai lacks in strength she makes up for with monster summons! Sending Takui Bird after your opponent is great to watch with the audio adding to the experience.

Of course all the text and audio is in Japanese. If you don't know the language it is still possible to play thanks to the formulaic nature of this RPG but you'll still find yourself lost quite a lot of the time.

Not a bad effort elavated above average by good use of animation, well designed battles and some unusually risque content (I'll let you find that) but could have been much better.

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