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Format: PC-98
From: Nihon Create
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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3x3 Eyes

Sanjiyan Henjyo

The first ever 3x3 Eyes game, presented with impressive style. It opens with a very lengthy and highly impressive hand animated sequence that fills in the plot so far.

The game is presented in three windows; Main, Animation and Message. The main window displays the high quality stills with the message window printing the text responses to your actions. Infrequent bursts of animation are played in the top right corner's small animation window. All of the windows in the game can be switched on and off or click-dragged around the screen to your heart's content.

Your interaction with the story is through four icons on the right side of the screen; Look, Talk, Move and Touch. Clicking one brings up a sub-menu of additional options. Your decisions are then played out in the game's windows.

You can save your progress in one of three slots.

While at it's core this may be no more than a typical Japanese PC adventure the style in which it is executed puts Sanjiyan Henjyo way above it's class mates. Nihon Create make full use of the 9801's colour palette creating images with great depth. Even the music is enjoyable and never irritates!

3x3 Eyes fans have often been well served game-wise and maybe it's thanks to this one setting the bar high from the beginning.

Note: Came with a VHS tape showing scenes from the game. An add-on pack titled "Fruits Pack- 3x3 Eyes" was released by Nihon Create later in '93. This pack allowed you to view the game's stills and animation and play the music tracks. It also included a couple of mini games too.

Also released on the FM Towns ('94), ported to the PC-Engine CD ('94) and Windows PC ('96). The FM Towns game also received an add-on pack this time simply titled "Making of 3x3 Eyes Sanjiyan Henjyo".

A sequel to this game was released in '97 for the Windows PC. Titled "3x3 Eyes- Tenrin Ohgenmu it also contained a short recap of this game's plot.

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