Vist Genki!

Format: Super Famicom
From: Namco
Year of Release: 1994
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Yu Yu Hakusho


An unusual style of fighting game.

The whole game is extremely cinematic. It is just like interacting with the anime. There is so much animation but obviously this reduces your actual control over the proceedings.

It is quite hard to actually discribe what this game is like. The closest thing would be to say Road Avenger/Time Gal on the SNES crossed with the Captain Tsubasa games. The battle takes place in two windows at the top of the screen with you controlling your selected character in the left window and the computer controlling your opponent in the right. The whole thing is fully animated exactly like the mamoth battle scenes of the TV series.

The degree of control you have over the fight basically comes down to you press directions and buttons at the same time. The controls are represented at the bottom of the screen.

Enjoyment of the game will depend entirely on the person playing. The best I can say is that it's an experience!

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