Vist Genki!

Format: Famicom
From: Varie
Year of Release: 1989
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Venus Wars

Back the City "Io"

Based on Yoshikazu Yasuhiko's 1989 animated movie rather than his manga. The intro fills you in on the story (if you can read Japanese that is).

The game has you controlling team Hound as they try to take back the cities of Aphrodia from the Ishtar invasion forces, ending with the capitol city Io.

The gameplay is a simple strategy game. Each one of the members of hound has their own different stats; from how far they can move per turn to how much energy and how many missiles they have. They have two missions;
(1) To destory all the Ishtar forces.
(2) To protect the Troop Carriers.

When you encounter the enemy the game becomes a shoot-em-up with you controlling the mono-bike while firing at the enemies which include everything from buggies and small gun installations up to Octo Tanks.

The music is basic Famicom stuff but the gameplay is enjoyable especially for Venus Wars fans. There are also passwords so you can start from where you left off but of course they're in Japanese.

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