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Format: Mega CD
From: GameArts
Year of Release: 1994
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Urusei Yatsura

Dear My Friends

An excellent 'Point-and-Click' adventure.

This game makes the best use of the Mega CD's capabilities more than any other Anime title. It plays exactly like an episode of the show. Fully animated, fully voiced, full CD soundtrack. No static images, screens of text or on-screen displays. Everything is worked into the context of 'being' in an episode of the show, even saving your progress which is shown as Ataru making notes in his memo book.

Dear My Friends is simple to play too. The player, in the role of Ataru, controls a pointer which, by pressing 'B', can be cycled through three different icons for 'look', 'talk' and 'action'. To control even simpler the icon will turn red if it is moved over something that can be manipulated under the current icon.

Pretty much everything can be interacted with. In the kitchen you can open all the cupboards, the bathroom you can turn on taps and in the lounge even turn in the TV! It's worth trying everything as you never know what'll happen. some very strange things can take place in Ataru's world!

The player gets to explore all the locations from the series and you'll meet all the characters along the way too. Thanks to the icon driven gameplay non-Japanese speaking fans can easily get along with the adventure. After all the mediocre previous games Lum fans have finally got the game they wanted!
Urusei Yatsura fans should definitley seek this one out.

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