Vist Genki!

Format: PC98
From: Fairytale
Year of Release: 1990
Onscreen Language: Japanese



A 2 disk computer game based on the infamous Urotsukidoji, more specifically the 1987 movie Legend of the Overfiend (although I'm not entirely positive). The player takes the role of Amano Jaku through his many adventures within the campus grounds as he searches for the future Chojin.

While it's basis is one of the most graphic and explicit Anime series ever to be made the game is quite tame in comparison. The 16 colour images are dated to the point where even the most desparate teenage boy would find it difficult to get excited. The action scenes fair slightly better but are short 'flicker-frames' are not what you could really call animation.

Also fans of the series may struggle to recognise the characters as they have all been completely redesigned. It would seem the artists on this game adaptation weren't hired for the skills at drawing demons as the ones you'll come across here are fairly uninspired and, again, bare little likeness to those from the Anime.

The plot follows the Anime reasonably closely but throws in a lot of filler material (possibly from another source like the Manga) as well as a whole bunch of dead-ends, empty rooms and needless conversations whose only purpose is to pad out an otherwise short and linear game.

Gameplay swings back and forth between standard 'use up all available actions' progression and a more direct, not to mention time wasting, flicking between rooms/floors exploration. This tiresome experience is enlivened by some enjoyable music which is much better than that of your average 'adult adventure'. It even changes between rooms and events and is well suited to the onscreen action.

The only sound effects in Urotsukidoji are the rather quaint 'buzzing' sounds that accompany the text as it is spelt out across the screen. Male voices get a low buzz and female voices are reflected by a high-pitched shrill buzz. Fortunately this can be turned off.

I can find little reason to play this game. The dated graphics won't appeal to anyone looking for a thrill. The gameplay is slow and plodding and the plot strays from the original too often. Only recommended for really die-hard Urotsukidoji fans who may be interested in this as a curiosity piece.

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