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Format: PC-98
From: Matrix
Year of Release: 1992
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Tekkaman Blade

Uchuu No Kishi

A plot driven game where the partially animated cut scenes are interrupted by frequent real-time strategy battles.

Controls are tricky as you need to click on Tekkaman to open the commands menu but with everything happening at once it doesn't give you much time to frantically move the pointer around. The actual system is simple. Choose an action from the menu for instance 'move' and then click the destination on the map.

Along your journey to the boss you'll be attacked repeatedly by aliens. The battles are instigated by the enemy sprite touching your character or by selecting to fight from the menu. Super Deformed sprites animate the battle which is turn based. The fight plays out automatically the only input you'll have is to click either 'Retreat', to attempt an escape, or 'Special' to select an energy sappingly powerful attack.

The graphics are good and colourful and the music is enjoyable. Unlike the majority of PC-98 games there's even sound effects, good ones too! Sadly the difficult control system makes Uchuu No Kishi a frustrating game to play.

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