Vist Genki!

Format: PC-98
From: Banpresto
Year of Release: 1994
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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A simple point-and-click interface makes this dungeon trawling RPG easy to play even if you can't read the text. Slayers does come on six 5.25" floppy disks (labeled A-F) so expect a little disk swapping but not too much.

Using the standard PC98 mouse setup of right click: select; left click:back you navigate your team of adventurers around towns and labyrinthine dungeons.

Maundering around the dungeons is quite straight forward if a little frustrating at times. Click the arrows on the right and your group will move in the corresponding direction. Your surroundings are shown in a static image above and are updated as you go. While wandering through the passages you build up a map view on the left of the screen which makes finding your way around a whole lot easier. The entire map can be uncovered by using a special scroll item available in town.

Of course you are not alone in these catacombs as they are home to a number of different monsters which can attack at any time.

The battle sequences use static images and the odd sound effect to convey the action. This may sound dull but it actually works quite well. The system of icons is also useful making it easier to workout what's what. The fight flows as you would expect from a turn-based system. Your character's attacks are shown as still images and the enemies blows are indicated by screen flashes. What's most unusual about the battles in Slayers is that you aren't awarded experience points from a successful skirmish only money.

The mazes are large and multi leveled so you'd better come prepared. Hidden treasure chests can provide useful items but you'll only be able to save your progress at an inn so be wary of your condition.

The graphics, sound and music are nothing out of the ordinary for a release on NEC's computer. The stills are colourful, detailed and well drawn.

Slayers fans should expect some simple addictive fun but be prepared to explore a lot of dungeons!

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