Vist Genki!

Format: Sufami Turbo
From: Bandai
Year of Release: 1996
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Crayon Shin Chan

Nagagutsu Dobon

A fairly simple children's action game the aim of which is to soak the two other Shin Chans into submission by jumping in puddles. The puddle splashes in the direction you're facing to create a new puddle unless there was one there already in which case it will continue to travel along the line, splashing all those in it's wake, until it reaches dry land.

Large puddles will splash in all four directions at once making them the prime target. Items appear shut away inside gift boxes which only take a quick soaking to open. These items try to mix the gameplay up a bit by reversing the controls, causing an earthquake or freezing the opposition in their tracks.

As the stages progress the locations start to add the own characteristics to the levels. Cacti in the desert need to be avoided and the planets in the space levels will cause the area to darken if obstructed.

Not the deepest game ever released and the single player mode gets old really fast especially when rounds drag on because you just can't catch that last opponent. Best played with friends.

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