Vist Genki!

Format: Famicom
From: Bandai
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Crayon Shin Chan

Ora to Poi Poi
(Ora and Poi Poi)

Assist Shin Chan in a fiendishly addictive series of puzzle bouts. Just when you thought that there was no other way to twist the Tetris template I bring you this combination of the addictive Russian block buster and Sega's Columns. Incredibly simple to pick up but very frenzied to play.

The basic aim is to push one of your opponents blocks across their goal line. This is acheived by shoving them with picture tiles, thrown two at a time. As you've probably worked out these pictures need to match in order to move the block.

What makes this so tricky is that each block moves independently so you have to keep an eye on each one while at the same time working out which of your opponent's to attack plus working out which of your's match the picture tiles you've been given.

There are five opponents to play against in the story mode or you can create your own match or you can play against a second player.

Very fast paced, hectic and addictive. Ora to Poi Poi seems too involved to be a kid's game! Worth a try even if you don't know/like the series.

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