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Format: Arcade
From: Taito
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Crayon Shin Chan

Crayon Shin Chan Part II: Ora to Asobo

Shin Chan and his mother Mitsuki go for another walk this time to various places around town.

Orato Asobo is a collection of fun mini games, updated from the previous game 'Quiz Crayon Shin Chan'. Gone are board game elements and the four button controls. Now you are set challenges by the people you meet in each location and you only need one button to play. You get to choose which challenges to tackle but must complete three to move on. The quizzes from the previous game make a small appearance but are very much in the background as this sequel concentrates far more on what made it's predecessor so much fun- the mini games.

There are loads to choose from and the selection is randomly set every time you play. Like Konami's 'Bishi Bashi' the challenges are mostly simple reaction tests and are often quite strange. Time the press of a button to break a rock, hammer the button to pull a piano over the line, steer your character's descent towards the landing pad and away from crows, punch incoming objects into the sea and loads more.

They're not all button bashing, some require quick thinking too. Match pictures, guide a rat out of a maze, find the missing character in a word or select the correct answer to a mathematical equation.

Improving on the original Shin Chan 2 is recommended to all those who enjoy the far fetched silliness of the show.

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