Vist Genki!

Format: Arcade
From: Taito
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Crayon Shin Chan

Quiz Crayon Shin Chan

After a typical rampage of destruction Shin Chan's mum decides it's time they went for a walk to the shops. There are four ingredients she needs to collect to make dinner but this isn't you usual shopping trip.

Shin Chan and Mitsuki travel along a path of squares -each square containing an event that will be activated if landed on. The number of squares they move depends on a throw of a dice, controlled by the computer.

The majority of squares contain a quiz. Each quiz is set by a different character from Shin Chan's community and the number of correct answers required to pass ranges from three to eight. It's always multiple choice but the number of possible answers also vary, usually between two and four.

Each quiz is timed and you start each one with only three lives. A life is lost for each incorrect answer but more can be gained later on. In one player Shin Chan simply answers questions against the clock but in two player he must race for the correct answers against Mitsuki. The player with the most correct answers get the lion's share of the points.

The most important quizes are those against 'boss' characters as these are the ones that, if successfully completed, will yeald one of the all important ingredients. These however always involve tougher than average questions and an increasing number of required correct answers.

Aside from the quiz squares there are also a number of useful and not so useful items; bonus lives, extra turns, bonus points but also items that will cost you a life, reduce your time etc. Mixed in with all the squares are also fun, button bashing, mini games which pits players against each other (or the clock in single player mode) in activities such as elephant tug-of-war, milk drinking and baseball.

Bright, colourful, graphics, tunes, sound effects and speech samples from the show and enjoyable side games make this a fun diversion. Best played with a friend and good, silly natured, fun for all the family.

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