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Format: Mega CD
From: Sega
Year of Release: 1994
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Record of Lodoss War


A very 'Shining Force' style Role Playing Game.

This game follows the Lodoss War story very closely and even features numerous chunks of grainy, full motion video from the series throughout the game.

Lodoss War opens with a great reproduction of the series' opening credits but, unfortunately, the rest of the game isn't as well implemented. For instance you don't get to walk around the towns and villages you just get to choose which shop you visit from a static map and the same goes for the 'world map' too.

The battles also lack flair. They're style is very much the same as Shining Force's strategy battles. You move your characters around the map in order to defeat all the enemies. The map presentation is fine but it is the actual encounters which suffer. When an attack is landed on a character there is simply as small flash and a sound effect- no form of animation what so ever and it's the same no matter the type of weapon used.

There is some slight innovation, however, with characters being able to attack opponents diagonally not just those directly in front. Also if an enemy behind you or to the side attacks it will hit you in that area causing damage to range depending on how you are facing.

Despite all of the commands being in Japanese text it is perfectly easy to play this game. Record of Lodoss was is not the best looking or presented RPG in the world but it is quite enjoyable to play particularly for fans of Shining Force.

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