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Format: Super Famicom
From: Masaya
Year of Release: 1992
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Ranma 1/2

Chounai Gekitou-hen
(Neighborhood Combat)
"Street Combat" (USA)

The first SNES Ranma 1/2 game.

Not just the first SNES Ranma game but the first Ranma fighting game and boy does it show. The problems I find with this is mainly the controls. Not only do you have a button for jump (instead of simply pressing 'up') but you also have a button to block moves which I find very difficult to get used to seeing as how every other fighting game has the player simply push 'away' as the blocking method. All of this uninstinctive control adds up to making Neighborhood Combat a difficult game to get used to.

Apart from the controls the graphics don't look much like Ranma 1/2. They are too uncartoony and also they lack much flair. The music is the only Ranma style thing about it. And you can only choose from Ranma or Ranma chan. You may well enjoy Neighborhood Combat but I just can't get used to the controls.

NB: The USA version, entitled 'Street Combat', is best avoided as most of the graphics have been redrawn as well as all the characters being renamed (and some even having a sex change). This version is just another dire 'Street Fighter 2' clone and is almost unrecognisable particularly as a Ranma 1/2 game.
If you want to see some pictures of this nasty mess click here, but you have been warned!

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