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Format: Mega CD
From: Masaya
Year of Release: 1993
Onscreen Language: Japanese
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Ranma 1/2

Byakuran Aika
(White Orchid Seranade)

A 'Graphic Adventure' game.

The opening animation reveals the story. It appears that several of Ranma's friends have vanished and it is up to him to track them down.

This game is controlled in the usual 'Graphic Adventure' style. You are given several options, such as 'look' or 'talk', and you select which you wish to do. The results of your actions are played out in an animated sequence.

This being Ranma 1/2 there are also numerous battles to be fought along the way. You and your opponent choose which attack to use and the resulting fight is played out. These battles are actually quite dull as there are only a handful of attacks available and the bouts can drag on and on without either fighter landing a single hit.

As this is a Mega CD adventure the game features lots of digitised speech and sound effects as well as a CD quality score and a great deal of animation. The quality of the animation is quite high although the speech is suprisingly poor, sounding very tinny and weak.

To sum up, White Orchid Seranade is one of weaker Mega CD Anime games. The adventure side is very simplistic with only a few commands available at a time and the battles are very slow and repetitive. Ranma fans will no doubt get a kick out of it though!

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