Vist Genki!

Format: Mega Drive
From: MA-BA
Year of Release: 1992
Onscreen Language: Japanese
Campaign 1 - Banner 2

Mobile Police Patlabor


A mixture of RPG and Graphic Adventure.

It starts with no intro and a very plain title screen. Hit start and you get a short sequence and then into the game. It is here that you see that things don't get any better. The graphics of the landscape are awful although the static images are quite good. The music, however, will drive you nuts!

The most I can gather from it is that you have to wander the Headquarters entering rooms and investigating them via a menu. The fact that it is entirely in Japanese makes it almost impossible to play unless you can read the text. I tried blundering through it but I didn't get anywhere at all.

Most probably of interest to Patlabor fans but certainly not much fun for anyone else.

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